Yamile Calles

I was skeptical, scared, worried, doubtful the first time I arrived at Jenns studio. The most amazing 60 minutes I’ve had. We chatted as old friends. The work was nothing short from perfect. The color, shape and altogether gave me the confidence I once had began to lose. I would like to point something out. She is a perfectionist and if YOU see something – SAY SOMETHING. She will go the extra mile to make sure you leave happy. I might not be one that wears a full face on the daily but as a treat to myself I would keep visiting Le Bel Art Microblading. If you have doubts, have worries about the cleanliness, need to check references??? ✔️☑️✔️☑️✔️. I am not paid and I would want to hear YOUR story!!! Thank you Jenn for the opportunity to allow me to see a whole different side of myself. PS and when you DO GO – do not forget to follow her after care instructions to the T. You would be please with the results!!