Norma Trevizo

I am a Cancer survivor. I lost all my Brows and lashes after all my chemo treatments. I needed a way to feel myself back again. I was referred to Jenny to get micro blading for the first time. When I contacted Jenny for the first time, I felt she was the perfect person to work on my eyebrows. She Understands Cancer patients and gives you a lot of encouragement. After booking an appointment with her, she immediately sent me directions with a nice video on how to get to her studio. As soon as I arrived at her studio, I was very nervous and anxious, and I started telling her what I liked and didn’t like. At that moment, she took control of the conversation in a very professional way giving me the sense of confidence that it was all about me and that she was there for me as a professional to make me feel good about the results I was looking for. Jenny is an amazing human being with outstanding skills. I want this note to be more of a message rather than a review to let everyone know there is no one else out there that can do it better than Jenny. I drove almost 3 hrs to her From Austin to Plano, and each mile was very well worth it. I got amazing results on my eyebrows. I now feel I have real brows just by the way they look. Thank you so very much, Jenny, for what you do for all of us, especially for your great personality. I’m so happy I found you.