I found Le Bel Art on a Facebook ad. I am getting older and was tired of filling in my eyebrows. So i messaged her and had a good conversation that lead to trust. I had a tattoo before and had an allergic reaction so Jenny offered to do a test to see how I handled it. LOVED her for that and made me have trust in her more. So I went back a week later and got my eyebrows done. She is so calm and have so much patience. I took photo of some people I liked how their brows looked and we came to an agreement of what looks good on me and my features. The first treatment did take a while but it was worth it!!! This is my 6 week photo. Today was my follow up and eyebrows look so darn good just leaving the shop I wanted to parade around town to show them off but too much sun…lol…will send final results in 6 weeks. Jenny will be seeing me again!!!